Guidelines for betting on penalty shootouts during game time

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Means betting on penalty shootouts arising from fouls and penalty shootouts at any time of the match. For those who are neckball and like to watch football games as the original capital Knowing that when a team gets a chance to play a penalty, they have to choose a player. With a sharp footstep to score goals. Always be a penalty taker Because it is considered the easiest chance to score goals. Only the kicker and goalkeeper meet one-on-one. Which teams can score goals from the penalty shootout Not only will you get a goal. It also indirectly destroys the morale and morale of the opponent.

For the form of betting, penalty bets that online football betting websites are open to play ufabet. From searching in the menu of the page of various gambling websites, can be divided into types of bets,

penalty bets, as follows:

  • Will there be a penalty kick in this game?
  • Will there be goals scored from penalties in this game?
  • penalty shoot-out team Failed to take penalties
  • Bet on whether the first goal of the game is a penalty shootout.
  • Penalty Betting Any Penalty Taken SBOBET Penalty Betting

For betting on penalty shootouts that are open to play on the football betting website UFABET or UFABET, it will be a penalty bet call Any Penalty Taken or betting on whether in this match there will be a penalty or not. If you choose to bet “Yes” when the penalty shootout in the match. You will win the bet. And will receive a compensation rate based on the Oz price indicated on the “Yes” side in the example above. If you choose to stab yes The payout rate will be 2.51 times. Which is that you will receive a compensation of 251 baht if you bet 100 baht.

On the other hand, if you bet that the game will not take a penalty kick. Or choose to bet on the “No” box if the game has not taken any penalty kicks. You will receive compensation at the rate of 1.50 times, which means that If you bet 100 baht, you get 150 baht back.

In general, UFABET will only offer Any Penalty Taken bets on the big well-known games. Which is a form of football betting that is easy to play. There is no need to analyze a lot of information, similar to football betting 1 x 2. Where if you are bored with the form of betting that you use to play in the past, you can bet on penalty shootouts without fear of football betting penalties.