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Online Baccarat From the past to the present have a competitive game. There are many different types of gambling games. And one of the forms of gambling games that are very popular today and are also regard as. The king of casino games is Baccarat (Baccarat at its best), a card game of European origin. By baccarat is outstanding than other gambling games. Because baccarat is a game that the gambler can. Make money playing within a short time.  Unlike other casino games (What is the difference between roulette and baccarat?), making baccarat very popular from all over the world. Every casino will always have a game of Baccarat to play.

however believe that there are still many people who are still unknown and Understanding the Real Meaning of Baccarat  Today we will take you all to get to know Baccarat from the beginning and the different styles of playing that follow the era.

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What is Baccarat ?

Baccarat is  a word that comes from the French “BACCARAT” ufabet derived from the Italian word “BACCARA”. Which means  “zero”  meaning zero points which It is the highest face value on the cards use to play Baccarat. By studying the history, there are experts in gambling games. Assuming that baccarat originated from the game “BACCARA” of Italy. Which was invent by an Italian gambler name “Felix Falguirein”Felix Falguiren

It is believe that Felix got the idea from the religious rituals of the Etruscan civilization. (Etruscan) (old age to 1500 BC) such a ritual. Purpose: to find a young woman for a priestess position.  Using the method of guessing with 9-faced dice, and if any woman throws the dice and the result is a face number 8 or 9. Which is the point equal to or close to the number of gods worship That girl will be select. But if the dice is roll and the result is in front of the number 6 or 7, it will not be select. If the dice is roll and the face has a smaller number, it could mean the death of the young woman.

In addition, there are some experts who think that baccarat is a game that has a structure in the gameplay of the game. There are many things that are similar to the game of blackjack.  Therefore, it is assumed that Baccarat games probably originate from the development of French blackjack playing cards. In the early 19th century. Which coincide with the reign of Louis Philippe (Louis Philippe). Since then this card game has been spread abroad continuously until it is known today. Until making Baccarat become a popular game that gamblers choose to play as the number one and it is also a game that can make a huge profit from playing online casinos. (Techniques to make profits from playing online casino websites)