Baccarat History: In France

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For the history of baccarat in France, it is assumed that Charles VIII, the King of France at that time, brought the game to France during the year 1494. until becoming popular with the French since then But really, the history of baccarat in France. It may be that the debate just never ends. However, the style of playing the game is clearly evident. 

It really originated from the realm of perfumery. It quickly gained popularity among the aristocracy of the perfumers during the 16th-17th centuries, both in the palaces and in the homes of the townspeople.(Charles VIII) Later into the 19th century, the game of Baccarat has grown in popularity a lot. Especially in the Riviera (Riviera) of France. But in those days, there were 2 types of baccarat playing styles ufabet:

Chemin de Fer style

by the first model, Schermain de Fehr The player who places the highest bet will be the dealer. and the player placing the second highest bet will be the representative of the remaining players. In playing bets with the dealer

An Bach (En-Banque)

In this type of Unbach, the dealer will deal the cards. The casino will be the dealer and the dealer is responsible for dealing cards to the players. The characteristics of the baccarat table will have seats for the left and right players, 5 players on each side. Only 1 representative per side will participate in betting with the dealer.

which both forms of playing baccarat cards There will be a difference in the format of dealing cards only. The rules for calling cards are the same for both types.

History of Baccarat in the United States

The game of baccarat began to be played in America from 1911-1912, although it was not very popular. Because in those days American people prefer to play blackjack (Blackjack) more, so the game of it has disappeared from America for a long time. Until it came back to be popular again in 1958-1959 and has been popular since that time. With various betting rules that have been automatically followed since that time. Began to develop a more modern game format. In 1974, the author of a book named Tommy Renzoni invented the rules for betting on Baccarat. Before moving to settle in Las Vegas until being called the father of baccarat rules. Although today the rules of baccarat are the same for all types, but the difference is that the dealer only deals the cards. And this is the history of baccarat from the beginning to the present. Popular games that many gamblers People like and popular to play there.